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Arely Lagunas

Human Resources Coordinator & Consultant

Dolores Cortez

CA Mentor Coordinator 

Carla Alonzo

CA Group Mentoring Coordinator 

Cecilia Aguilar

CA Communications Coordinator

"It's time to pay it forward, our young Latinas have the potential to do amazing things and I hope I can support in their growth!"
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Fernanda Daniela Polanco

Social Media Coordinator

"I want young teenage girls to have available the
resources and guidance that I did not have growing up."

Elsie Guerrero

Founder & Executive Director

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Shirley Diaz

Steven Montoya

Edith Lagunas

Lucita Diaz

Cristina Flores

Paola Fernandez

Juana Del Pilar Silverio

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Debby Marroquin

Carol Gonzalez Trujillo

Amparo Diaz, MPPA

Vanessa Granados


Jennifer Solorio

Kristine Rivera, Ph.D



Lilia Stone


Ana Paula "AP" Velasco


Aysha M. Dos, Ph.D

Mark A. López, Ph.D

Lorren Rodriguez

Hortensia Vidauri