The purpose of Advancing Latinas into Leadership Mentoring Program is to help young high school Latinas gain the skills necessary to succeed academically and professionally.  To provide the tools needed to become a successful individual in today's society. 


* Please note this mentoring program is organized and managed by Elsie Guerrero. 


For more information, please email. 

Personal testimony from Elsie Guerrero:

For me, mentorship is very important and is highly needed in today's society. According to California Congresswoman Susan Davis, there is a mentoring gap in the United States leaving millions of children and youth without a mentor. Children and youth need emotional support and strong role models. I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for mentors who supported me through my educational and professional journey. Because of the strong support I received, it motivated me to create a mentoring program to help young Latinas. 



100% of donations made on this site will go towards scholarships. 

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