Helping and mentoring high school Latinas for their lives after high school through college preparedness, professional development, community service, and mentorship. 


Goal # 1: Obtain good grades

To be successful after high school or college, one must have good grades. Tutoring, resources, and guidance will be provided to ensure high academic standards.


Goal # 3: Create future leaders

To develop the next generation of young Latina leaders by teaching the skills needed to become a successful leader in their community, as well as, attend the annual youth leadership conference in California. 

Confidence ​

Goal # 5: To learn self-worth

To help young Latinas learn their values, self-worth and find their voice to become confident individuals in the real world.

Professional Development

Goal # 2: Gain professional skills

Learn the tools and skills needed to develop a strong resume, LinkedIn profile, and a professional portfolio to become a strong qualified candidate for a job, internship and/or college student.

Financial Resources

Goal # 4: Little to no college debt


To avoid financial obstacles during undergraduate studies, resources and guidance on how to apply for FAFSA and scholarships will be provided.


Goal # 6: To provide a big sister

To provide a lifetime sisterhood to young Latinas and ensure that they have a mentor during their high school years, during and after college. 

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